At Black Flag Armory, all we want is to help you get the guns that you want at a great price.  This includes handling your transfers. The following policy should explain everything you need to know to make either an incoming or an outgoing transfer.  We are in the FFL data bases of many online dealers (PSA, Bud’s, AIMSurplus, GunBroker, etc), but if you need to submit a copy of our FFL to have your firearm shipped, you can find it here.  

INCOMING TRANSFERS ($20 First Firearm / $5 Each Additional Firearm)($15 Flat Rate Fee – Military, Police, Fire & EMS)

  Contact us by email at blackflagarmory@outlook.com.  Be prepared to provide us with the following information [Seller’s Name, Phone Number, Email, Order Number, and the Make & Model of each gun coming to us]. Feel free to follow up the email with a phone call if you wish.

  Once we have the information on the incoming transfer, we will contact the seller and make arrangements to trade credentials.

  When the firearm(s) arrive at Black Flag Armory, we will properly log them into our books.  We normally process the firearms the same day receive them, but please allow us up to 24 hours to contact you to come pick up your firearm(s).

  You must come in to complete the ATF Form 4473 and conduct the FDLE background check. Once you have passed your checks and paid the transfer fees, you are cleared to take possession on the firearm(s) or begin the 72 hour waiting period.  For more information on the waiting period visit our FAQs.

If your background check comes back from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as a “Conditional Non-approval” (Delayed) it is our policy not to release the firearm(s) to the customer until the background check has been favorably reconciled (Approved).

If your background check comes back from FDLE as a “Non-approval” (Denied), we will give you the proper appeal paperwork which must be filed within 20 days of the denial. During the appeal process we will secure the firearm(s) free of charge. If it is found that you cannot legally possess the firearm after the appeal process has terminated, you may either (1) send the firearm back to the seller under our outgoing transfer policy, or you may (2) sell the firearm(s) to Black Flag Armory at a price set by us.

OUTGOING TRANSFERS ($25 + Actual Shipping Costs)

†  Bring your firearm(s) in along with the contact information for your receiving FFL dealer.  We will log the firearm(s) and contact the receiving dealer to exchange information.

†   Pay all transfer associated fees.

   We willpack your firearm(s) and ship within 72 hours.  Once shipped we will notify you by email with the shipment tracking information.

Your rifles, shotguns, and/or receivers will ship via ground carrier with an adult signature requirement and insurance.  Handguns will ship via next day air and will also require an adult signature confirmation and insurance.

Once a firearm has been entered into our books, it is the legal property of Black Flag Armory.  If you change your mind about shipping the firearm(s) after it has been entered into our books, you will be required to fill out the necessary paperwork (ATF Form 4473) and submit to a background check in order to get the firearm(s) back.  All such transactions are subject to the fees, laws, and regulations associated with incoming transfers, as outlined above.  If the firearm(s) cannot be returned to you, you may either (1) sell the firearm(s) to Black Flag Armory at a price established by us, or you may (2) relinquish the firearm(s) to the Niceville Police Department through Black Flag Armory.

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