Incoming Transfers

Transfer Fees

Green Beret / Purple Heart


one firearm transferred

Add $1.50

each additional firearm

This is our lowest cost transfer.  If you are a Green Beret and/or a Purple Heart recipient (active or retired), then you qualify for this rate.  Just bring a copy of your orders for either to the transfer.  This offer extends to GB and PH spouses as well.



one firearm transferred

Add $2.00

each additional firearm

If you are currently assigned to a USASOC, NSW, MARSOC, AFSOC, or JSOC unit (operator, staff, or support) then you are eligible for this pricing.  EOD also qualifies here.  Just bring proof of affiliation to the transfer.  Pricing applies to SOF and EOD spouses as well.

Military/1st Responder/55+


one firearm transferred

Add $2.50

each additional firearm

In this part of Florida, if you don’t belong to the first two groups above, then you probably qualify for this pricing discount.  This is for active or retired…just show us some proof of eligibility and you get the discount.

All Other Patriots


one firearm transferred

Add $3.00

each additional firearm

Even if you don’t fall into one of the groups above, you are still important to us as a law abiding, responsible gun owning Patriot and you deserve to get a fair rate for your transfers.

Important Considerations

All face-to-face business is conducted by appointment only, normally in the evenings or on the weekends.  Please consider this before having a firearm shipped to us for transfer. 

Eligibility for the discounted rates must and will be verified at the time of transfer.  Please feel free to bring any substantiating documentation for the rate you intend to claim.

All transfer fees are subject to 6.5% Florida sales tax.

Fees shown on the website super-cede any other published fees.

Transfer Instructions

1. Complete the transaction with the seller.  During that transaction you should be reminded to choose an FFL to receive your firearm.  We may already be in the seller’s database of FFLs.  If we are not, or our FFL on file with them is expired, you may download a file copy of our FFL (right) and submit it to the seller.

2. Completely fill out and submit the Transfer Request Form, below.  Submitting a transfer request ensures we are aware of the incoming shipment, and we have all of the information needed to conduct the transfer without delays.

3. Feel free to update us with the status of your shipment, i.e. tracking information, delayed shipping from seller, etc.  Any information you provide will assist us in getting the firearm transferred to you in the shortest amount of time possible.  You may email us at Please include your name and order/item number in any email correspondence.

4. Once your shipment is received, it must be processed by us.  We are usually able to do this by the end of the day that we receive the shipment, but have up to five (5) business days to do so.

5. We will then contact you by phone and/or email once your firearm is ready for transfer.  We will set an appointment at the earliest possible time to complete the transfer.

6. In order to complete the transfer you must have all documentation, permits, identification, and fees.  You will be required to submit an ATF Form 4473 and undergo a Florida Department of Law Enforcement background check.  Under current Florida law, you may be required to wait three (3) business days in order to complete the transfer.  Please see the FAQ section for more information on transfers and eligibility.

Transfer Request Form