Velocity 3lb Drop-In AR Trigger


Manufacturer:  Vehr MFG

Country of Origin:  USA

Trigger:  Curved (DLC Coated)

Pin Compatability:  MILSPEC Small .154 inch

MSRP:  $150.00



In stock (can be backordered)



An excellent trigger at an unbeatable price.  Made in the USA by Vehr MFG.  Manufactured to exacting specifications with a super consistent 3lb pull every single time.  Easy install instructions with required tool and hardware.  Self tightening mechanism anchors the trigger in place…no anti-walk pins required.  This trigger will not disappoint!

1 review for Velocity 3lb Drop-In AR Trigger

  1. RedSe7en

    As a dealer, I am always searching for products which are, first, high in quality and then priced reasonably. Often it is very difficult to meet both of those criteria. I was told about this trigger from a trusted gunsmith (Tactical Metal Works) and it immediately got my attention. I recently replaced the decent OEM Milspec trigger in my own rifle with one of these triggers. I was overjoyed with the immediate evaluation and I hadn’t even fired the rifle. Once I did get it out to the range, I was convinced that upgrading your trigger is the most significant improvement you can do for the performance of the rifle. This trigger is fantastic! There is absolutely no take up in slack. Once you put the slightest amount of pressure on the trigger you immediately feel the the trigger/disconnector/hammer engagement. From this engagement the creep is extremely minimal (hardly noticeable due to the super consistent, light 3lb pull). The break is sudden and crisp with an immediate reset (both audible and tactile without being obnoxious). From the reset the pull weight seems even lighter than 3lbs (it isn’t but feels like it). Bottom line is that this trigger freaking rocks! Is it better than, say, a Geissele Super Semi Auto trigger? I wouldn’t go that far, but I don’t see the difference in quality and performance between the two being anywhere worth the $100-$120 price difference…I just don’t! Buy this trigger! You really can’t afford not to and you will not be disappointed.

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