We offer a simple forty-five (45) day layaway program. To take advant†age of this program and get the firearm(s) you want, just follow the steps below.

†  Read and understand the Terms & Conditions of the Layaway Program.

†  Call us directly @ (850) 361-5565. You must speak to us before proceeding with layaway process.

†  Provide 25% down and a refundable/redeemable $35 account setup fee.

†  Make final payment within 45 calendar days.

†  Upon receipt of the final payment, your firearm is shipped/transferred.


†  Minimum purchase for layaway program is $350.

†  Only in-stock firearms are eligible for this program.

†  There are no scheduled payments. Just make final payment within 45 days.

†  Accounts paid in full within 45 days will have the $35 account set up fee either refunded or applied to the account balance.

†  Customer cannot change layaway items once the account has been set up.  Please be certain of your choices.

†  Layaways cancelled for any reason within the initial 45-day period will result in the forfeiture of the 25% down payment and the $35 account setup fee.

†  There is a grace period after the initial 45 days where the customer has an additional 15 days to make final payment.

  Once an account enters the grace period, the $35 account set up fee becomes a nonrefundable late fee on the account.

  If by the end of the grace period the account is still not paid in full, the customer forfeits all previous payments and the layaway account is closed.

  Accepted forms of payment are bank certified check, USPS money order, in-person cash payment, or credit/debit card.

  All credit/debit card transactions for layaways incur a 3% processing fee.

  Black Flag Armory has up to 45 business days to settle customer refunds.

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