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We’ve tried the other firearm coatings and this is what we found.  Nothing comes close to the durability, quality, and flawless finish we can achieve with Cerakote®.  It costs more, and is more time and work intensive to apply correctly, but the results are undeniably superior to every “comparable” product on the market today.  We use Cerakote® exclusively because we only offer the absolute best in quality and service to our customers.  Cerakote® is the toughest firearm coating on Earth.  For more information, visit their website by clicking the logo above.  When you are ready to protect your firearm for a lifetime of use, contact us.




Project Specifications:

We insure that we know exactly what the customer is requesting.  We do this by having a face-to-face consultation with the customer to discuss every aspect of the project.  It is during this consultation that we determine the colors to be used, the parts and pieces to be coated, and any additional requests such as the use and palecement of stencils.



Our pricing is determined by the type and make of firearm, parts to be coated, number of colors, and additional requests such as stencil work.  A full price is quoted before any work begins.  Cerakoting, when done correctly, is an involved process which requires a significant amount of time and effort.  Often times, certain parts of the process have to be repeated in order to achieve the quality results which we demand.  Our up front pricing policy takes all of this into consideration.  You will never be surprised with additional charges added to the quoted price.  **All pricing associated with firearm coating is subject to the 6% Florida sales tax.**


Legal Transfer for Custom Work:

When you bring your firearm into us for any custom work, we must legally take possession of the firearm with an entry into our books. This implies that all local, state, and federal laws applying to the transfer of firearms will be adhered to. You may contact us to confirm exactly what you will need to transfer the firearm to us. Returning the firearm to the customer will not require the submittal of an ATF Form 4473, or an FDLE background check so long as the same person who turned the firearm over to us is the person who we transfer the firearm back to. This will be verified with a valid, state issued, ID (i.e. Drivers License).