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We are freedom loving, God-fearing patriots who live by a core set of values. We believe it is not only the natural born right of all law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms, but it is also their responsibility to do so. The world is a dangerous place. Now, more than ever, we should have the means to protect our families, ourselves, and our property. It is our mission to protect and defend our Second Amendment right, one gun owner at a time.

We intend to do this by offering an extensive selection of firearms, ammunition, accessories, kit, services, and training guaranteed to fit your needs as an individual. We are not going to get rich selling guns. We’ll leave that to the giant internet dealers who only know you by your credit card number. Instead, we want to know your name. We want to know your concerns. We want to know with which hand you shoot, and we want to know that you are equipped and capable if you are ever forced to defend your family, yourself, or your home.

Black Flag Armory is a response. It’s a response to a seemingly endless assault, on not only the 2nd Amendment, but several of our Constitutional Rights. This is our way of saying that we will not sit quietly and submit to the intrusive, freedom stealing progressive movement that is hell bent on fundamentally changing the American way of life. Instead we choose to recruit, educate and empower law-abiding Americans to become responsible gun owners.

We took the initial steps to establish Black Flag Armory in January 2015, and officially opened for business as a federally licensed firearms dealer in July of the same year. The company is led by an active duty, U.S. Army Green Beret who has almost a decade of “boots on the ground” experience, teaching tactical combat skills to highly specialized military units around the world. He has received formal military and civilian training in a full spectrum of shooting disciplines from Basic Pistol to Close Quarters Combat to Advanced Long Range Marksmanship.

At Black Flag Armory you are going to find a family owned and operated business that puts the customer’s needs before any profit. Our only goal is to expand the number of products and services we can offer the customer, and we will only do that so long as it can be done without compromising that valuable relationship. When you come to Black Flag Armory you can expect to be treated with courteous respect, and receive advice/suggestions on your firearm needs that are tailored to you as an individual.

We are Black Flag Armory!




I love this country!  I haven’t always loved this country, or I should say I haven’t always appreciated her.  As a young adult I began to think about what it might have been like to be born somewhere other than the USA.  It really is a sobering thought.  I enlisted in the Army as an Infantryman on August 3, 1990; the day after Iraq invaded Kuwait.  My first enlistment was the greatest time of my life.  The unit, the mission, and the people were beautiful.  I loved every second and I learned about sacrifice.  Not the miserable type of sacrifice, but the unspoken, loving sacrifice reciprocated from the Soldiers to your left and right.  I was born to be a Soldier and I knew it; and although leaving the Army much sooner than I wanted to in 1993, the Soldier inside me never faded.  On September 11, 2001, as I watched my beloved country being attacked, I remember whispering to myself, “I still have a couple of good years to give.”  I was 32 with two children, ages 2 and 1.  Those couple of good years have turned into a career.  Very early on I realized the benefits of going to war with the very best and I earned the Green Beret in 2003 to be with those like-minded, men of sacrifice.  After multiple deployments, I am busted up and broken in many ways but one thing has never changed…my unconditional love for this country and my soldierly instinct to protect her no matter the cost.

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